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The Third International Investment Forum
“Investment Saint Petersburg - 2009”

«World Financial Crisis: time to develop and earn»

Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 18 of June 2009

18 of June, 2009 the Third International Investment Forum “Investment Petersburg - 2009” took place.

Among the participants of the Forum were the Head of Financial Committee of Saint-Petersburg Mr. E. Batanov, Deputy Head of the Federal Financial Markets Service Mr. S. Harlamov, Chairman of the Management Board of “Russian Trade System (RTS)” Mr. R. Goryunov, Deputy Director of Nonprofit Partnership “NDC”, Vice-president of the Association of the Banks of North-West Mr. V. Titov, President of “National Management Companies League” Mr. D. Alexandrov.

The main organizers of the Forum were Nonprofit Partnership “Saint-Petersburg – London”, Stock exchange "Russian Trading System" and Open Joint-Stock Company “Saint-Petersburg Industrial Joint-Stock Bank” (OAO “SIAB”) with the support of Financial Committee of Saint-Petersburg, Federal Financial Markets Service and Association of the Banks of North-West.

Key points of the Third International Investment Forum “Investment Petersburg - 2009”:
  • Russian Stock Market: new rules of the game;
  • Saint-Petersburg – the ground for new ideas: small and medium business support programs;
  • Pooled investments: life in new reality;
  • Forward market development in Russia: new instruments and products.

On the Plenary Session Mr. E. Batanov admitted that the main tax payers in Saint-Petersburg at the present time are Small and Medium Enterprises. According to his version in January-May 2008 the share of the 20 largest city enterprises accounted for 70% of the profit tax structure. Meantime, in the same period of 2009 the largest companies of Saint-Petersburg account for 20% of the profit tax. Therefore, in the circumstances of crisis Small and Medium Enterprises has become the main tax payers. Mr. E. Batanov reminded, that there is few state small business support programs are being implemented in the city. Mr. E. Batanov also voiced the bonds issue plans of Saint-Petersburg government for 10 bln for the autumn of 2009. According to his version the flotation of Saint-Petersburg bonds for the first time since 2006 will be held for the financing of budget deficit of the city. The ground flour for the loan floatation will be Saint-Petersburg Stock Exchange. The head of committee clarified that bonded loan most probably will be taken out for more then 3 years. “In the current market situation there is no point for floatation for the short term”, - Eduard Batanov added.

Roman Goryunov highlighted in his speech that the management of “Russian Trade System” in the autumn of 2009 will consider the opportunity of introduction of morning trading. By his words in the circumstances of crisis it is necessary to extend trading hours for more effective investors’ activity. On the forward market of “Russian Trade System” “evening trading” has been initiated earlier, and RTS standard trading floor holds the tenders till 23.50 Moscow time.

Within the framework of the round table discussion about the future of the Forward market in Russia, new stock market strategies, opportunities of the companies’ executives in the circumstances of crisis and small business support state programs.

The key point of the round table discussion “Forward market development in Russia: new instruments and products” became the recovery of liquidity of the forward market after the crisis. The participants discussed foreign currency and interest-rate risks hedging by the means of structured products.

The round table “Saint-Petersburg – the ground for new ideas: small and medium business support programs” was devoted to the opportunities for business in the circumstances of crisis, to the discussion of programs of the Small business Support Crediting Found, business incubators and to the suggestions of the banks and Stock exchanges for the companies of medium and small capitalization in particular. Deputy Chairman of the Board Igor Vasilyev (SIAB Bank) spoke about the opportunities of cooperation between real business companies and banks. Mr. Vasilyev admitted that in such a complicated economical environment along with the credits, provision of fast accounts and special programs for the business partners and contracting parties play an important role. In particular, SIAB Bank provides business-package “Speed” for its clients within the framework of which it performs writing off payments and placing them to an account on a hourly basis. As for business-package “Team” it will allow the clients who have engaged their contracting parties, to receive interests on their average daily balances.

On the round table discussion “Russian Stock Market: new rules of the game” the participants presented their view on the Stock Market development in 2009-2010.

The participants of the round table discussion “Pooled investments: life in new reality” talked over asset management in the circumstances of global financial crisis and the opportunities, that can be given to banks by executives.

The International Investment Forum “Investment Saint-Petersburg” is an annual event, which has been taken place in Saint-Petersburg since 2007 and traditionally gathers Russian and foreign business aristocracy for the discussion of the most relevant issues of the financial market and business problems. Traditionally the Forum is attended by executives of stock exchanges, investment, insurance and managing companies, commercial banks of Russia, CIS and Baltic Countries, international rating agencies representatives, real sector of economy companies’ executives as well as our colleagues from banks and companies from abroad.

Also you can get additional information on the phone: (812) 331-41-09 on the website www.investpetersburg.ru.

e-mail: forum@siab.ru

Sincerely yours,

Head of North-West Regional Office,
Federal Financial Markets Agency
Mr. Pavel A. Ivanov
The Head of Financial Committee
of Saint-Petersburg
Mr. E. Batanov
Chairman of the Management Board,
Mr. Sergey Y. Inkin
Chairman of the of the Management Board,
“Russian Trade System”
Mr. Roman U. Gorunov